Saturday, April 27, 2013

30th January 1948 - The Darkest Day in Indian History

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest freedom fighters of Indian nation. He was called as the father of India, and he suffered a lot to fight for the freedom of India. Being a great leader, he lived a very simple life. One of his remarkable habit was he always wore simple homemade Khadi clothes which was made by Gandhi in his own hands. And one more interesting thing about Gandhiji was his food habits, he ate groundnuts and very fond of drinking milk.

GandhiJi's Funeral

To describe more about his patriotism on India and his people, he always used to say there is no separate rooms in my heart for Muslims and Hindus in India, but I see each of them as my fellow Indians. But this was not digested by some of his enemies who don’t want to be with Ghandi’s policy of non violence and civil disobedience, because Gandhi believed that violence is not the remedy for the violence of British against India and he also proved it to the world. On 30th January 1948, during evening prayer meeting a man named 'Nathuram Godse' killed Gandhiji by shotting him thrice. Thus the legendry person Gandhiji fell down and died exactly at 5.40 PM. From then, 30th January 1948 becomes the darkest day in Indian History.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


It is very rare to find a person who is not fond of playing games. People, especially kids loves to play sports as it relaxes our mind, strengthens our body and it has many other advantages. The love for sports was not just started a century ago. The games we are playing now are nothing but the enhanced version of the games invented by our ancestors. There are varieties of games, and GOLF is one of the favorite games in the world. Usually GOLF should be played in a place with large space. But the GOLF lover’s can play GOLF anywhere, but make sure the ball does not hit your granny’s nose and you don’t get caught with the cops.

How many of you know about the origination of GOLF games? At least can you answer why the game is named as ‘GOLF’. Ok let me answer the second question first and first question later. Before some centuries ago, GOLF is a prestigious game which can only be played by bigshot guys in the city and the ladies were not allowed to play the game in the beginning. And so they called it as GENTLEMEN ONLY LADIES FORBIDDEN. Hope now we know why the game is named as GOLF.