Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cellular Jail & The Darkest days

Andaman is one of the beautiful islands in the world. However, when we think of Andaman, first thing to hit our mind is ‘Cellular Jail’ in Andaman. The name, cellular jail, was derived due to this solitary formation of the cells that prevented any prisoner from communicating with any other. The jail was surrounded by sea water and A-Grade security was provided so that no one can escape from jail. Most of the prisoners were freedom fighters. The prisoners were treated roughly. The food that was given to them was not fitted for human consumption. Prisoners were not allowed to meet with each other.

After the death of 3 prisoners due to Hunger-Strike in the year 1933, some of the facilities were provided like light in the cells, prisoners were allowed to meet each other etc. Finally, on August 15, 1947, when India became independent the penal settlement was closed down. On Public demand the central tower of the Cellular Jail has been declared a protected monument, with plaques put up to commemorate the famous occupants of these dreadful cells. Even so, Cellular Jail is one of the murkiest chapters in the history of the colonial rule in India. The people who fought to claim their own country’s independence were called as terrorists by British on those days. Before 1947 the Cellular Jail was a place for Jailbirds, but now it is a place for vacationers.

*First rare picture was taken during the construction of Jail
**Second rare picture was taken in the year 1917

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    superb film by director PRIYADARSHAN..

    as you are interested in these...
    u must watch the film..