Thursday, September 3, 2009

Laika Laika

Dog is the favorite pet for everyone. In U.S more importance are given to dogs. Separate hotels and beauty parlors are available for the pets. Dog helps us in many ways and the trained dogs do whatever we say. Some professional dogs are also there like police dogs which capture the thieves correctly. Dogs even went to space and it travelled before the men travelled to space. The dogs name was Laika and it was a Russian Soviet space dog. Laika travelled in November 3, 1957 but Laika died within the few hours of the launch due to the overheating of spacecraft in the thermal control system.


  1. Laika reminded me of Sputnik...
    Poor loner in the space?!

  2. Link exchange please, I've added ur link in my blog as "Rare Footages". Link back & inform me please. Thanks..

  3. poor dog, she had to be experimented on. all in the name of science, nice feature..