Monday, January 18, 2010


Yamaha is the leading company in manufacturing quality bikes. Their build quality is perfect and accurate when compared to other companies. But when it comes to the matter of fastest bike, Honda ranks the first with CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird which can run for 286 km/h. In the foreign countries youngsters like to ride the bike faster and they will have all the fun as a group. It is not possible for everyone to get Honda blackbird, but they will modify their bikes according to their speeds. When they hang out with a group, no one can stop them. They will race like nobody is using the roads.

Cops use to measure their speeds using radar guns. These equipments capture the speed of the vehicle and they will start chasing the people who have crossed their speed limits. Chasing is very common in foreign countries because they have lots of fun playing with cops. The spot looks like the Hollywood movie scene and most of the time police capture the people but sometimes they miss them. Cops charge them fine for crossing the limits and for creating public nuisance. Radar guns are useful for the cops so that they can bust the people crossing the limits.