Saturday, October 30, 2010

Africa - Land of Misery

"Home, Sweet Home". Though it is a simple words, it has powerful meaning in it. None of the place in this world can be like your home town. You can feel it when go abroad for any work because we miss our family, our environment and our people. But there are some people who want to move out from their hometown, especially in Africa. Africa is a very good continent and we can find all the resources in Africa like Diamonds, Coco, Oil and rare wild animals. But Africa is well known for War, AIDS, and Gangsters. Hunger and Starvation cause millions of people to die in Africa and many of them were children.
Black Pharaohs

But Africa was one of the oldest civilizations in the world and it has the history starting from 3300 B.C. Africa was ruled by powerful and great kings. Once upon a time African people lived happily not knowing hunger and starvation. We all pray to bloom the new life for African people.

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