Friday, July 26, 2013

Journey With Ghosts

The Mary Celeste was a brigantine merchant. In November 1872 she sailed from New York to Italy with 12 on board. A week later she was spotted near Gibraltar. The captain of the ship who spotted her was surprised by the way her sail were set because she was reeling some food, gas, and none was controlling the rudder. He sent a team to investigate, they found that no one was on board, but the table was set for meal, tea was still warm, some food uneaten, the chronometer and papers were missing; only the log was still there with no entry for ten days. Investigations created a lot of speculation ever since but no one could say what happened, pirates attack were ruled out, only possibility is a action of some supernatural force. It feels like seeing a horror movie, isn't it.


  1. I do agree with you that it seems like a horror story.However the picture is also showing such possibility.

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