Monday, August 31, 2009

Nouveau Riche

Some people think that money can do anything and everything. It depends on your mind set because the people who are pushed to the extreme end of poverty might think that money is everything. There is nothing wrong about that. If you are a poor person and you would like to become a rich one, then you should really use your talent and hard work. A person who becomes newly rich is called as nouveau riche. This is a French term which is used to refer the people who become rich due to their hard work.

There are many nouveau riche people in this world. When you think of nouveau riche the first one to strike out in your mind is Bill Gates. He is the richest person in this world and he owns Microsoft with the help of his friend Paul Allen and his hard work. Some of the world famous nouveau riche people are Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Jackie Chan, 50 Cent, Rajinikanth, Jim Carrey and a lot of people. There are many ways to become rich. You should choose a particular path in which you can put lot of dedication and hard work. CNN has written an article based on nouveau riche and you must surely visit here to get more inspiration.


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