Saturday, August 29, 2009

Web Hosting Providers

Internet is completely entertaining people so that we cannot feel alone in home. I decided to start a website related to music. Since it needs a large database to accommodate, I cannot start the website with free hosting service and so I decided to go for pay hosting service. I started searching for a liable webhosting service. I have gone through many web hosting sites and even I surfed through all the search engines. But I have no idea on best web hosting providers until I visit This is a wonderful website which reviewed and rated the top ten web hosting providers. Their review on the webhosts is amazing, even a non-technical person can understand the functioning of that web hosts. They have categorized the webhosts into twelve parts and they are General Information, Pricing Information, Easy-Install CMS, Marketing Bonus Credit, Domain Features, Email Features, Site Management, Databases, Scripting, Ecommerce, Security and Site Building Tools. These categories are further divide into sub-categories. Their review is completely based on customer satisfaction. They have also explained about different web hosting and they have also honored the webhosts by providing best hosting awards 2008 according to the categories. Visit to get more details about web hosting providers.

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