Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Teen Miss Universe

There was a beautiful event occurred fifty-seven years ago; a beautiful 17-year-old girl from Finland was crowned as Miss Universe. The first Miss Universe Pageant was held in Long Beach in 29 June 1952. It was won by Armi Kuusela from Finland. Armi Kuusela was crowned by actress Piper Laurie as Miss Universe.She looked gorgeous and outstanding, that’s why she merited for the Miss Universe title which was impossible for other 28 participants. On the day when she was crowning, she was only 17 years old. At the time, she weighed 49 kgs. Immediately after her winning there was a Finnish movie made of her, called Maailman kaunein tyttö (World's most beautiful girl) where she acted herself. Even though there are 57 Miss Universe titles crowned after her, Armi Kuusela glitters among them. Because there is a proverb saying "OLD IS GOLD".