Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Plastic Surgery- The Tragedy of Michael Jackson

The rocking performer of the pop world is undoubtedly Michal Jackson. He was called a ‘King of Pop’. He was a chubby looking boy in childhood days. The ‘Jackson five’ album exposed his talents to the world. Then he started growing with famous personalities.
First surgery at 26

When he was at the age of 26, he slightly thinned his nose and shaped his eyebrows. That was his surgery. Without knowing the side effects in plastic surgery, he started doing surgery. He was very attractive in that change. Thriller was the famous album at that time.

Pop king at Age 27

In the single year, his black skin changed to white skin. 1985 and the singer's wide nose is slimmer. His skin appears lighter and his eyebrows are now penciled on. His beauty started vanishing from that year. In 1992, a cleft has appeared on his chin and his skin shows serious change. He started avoiding the functions. He blames a rare skin disorder for that drastic change in his skin.

Age 32

Age 38

In 1997, Jackson's skin is so white he could almost pass for a white man. In 44 he apparently wears a wig. Then Jackson's nose showed the first signs of breakup. Now his age is 50 and turned to Islam. Once he was nicknamed ‘Big Nose’ when he was a child, but now it is in reverse order.

At Age 44

When he was 50 years old he looks too smart


  1. Wow. Never knew it could come to this.

  2. is that really a skin disorder?...anyway u provide real rare info

  3. Luckily, plastic surgery is very good nowadays. Won't be like MJ in old age. :P

  4. @Gazafi: It was due to plastic surgery.

  5. @Jayce : I stated that the surgery ended in tragedy to MJ not to all in the world.

  6. oh is this really true?? i mean, oh my gosh, i don't know the latest news about him but thanks anyway of this article.

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