Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Formation of Scout

Cover page of "Scouting For Boys" book

Four sides of the world are surrounded with war. The people in affected areas are seeking for the help. And many associations are eager to help for needy people. How do the associations have so much of interest in helping people? Scout is the inspiration for all other associations and it is the fundamental source for serving people.

The great leader Baden Powell

Baden Powell was the founder of scout. He written a book named “Aids to Scouting” in the year 1903 and had become a best seller. Powell surprised to find the boys formed themselves into groups and were calling themselves "Boy Scouts" and they followed the ideas published in the book. Powell decided to rewrite the book to make it suitable for young people and the re-written book was named as "Scouting For Boys". In the year August 1907 Powell with a few adult helpers set up his camp on Brownsea Island with 22 boys. The boys were divided in to Patrols with an older boy in charge of each group. At the camp the boys had a time of their life doing such things as swimming, stalking, hiking and playing games and around the nightly campfire listened to Powell telling stories of his adventures. After the camp Powell finished writing "Scouting for Boys" and was published in 1908. All over the country boys were forming themselves into Scout Troops and were asking adults to lead them. By the end of 1908 Scouting had spread to Ireland, Australia, Canada New Zealand and South Africa. This is how the scout was spread to various parts of the country. There are 155 countries with internationally recognized National Scout Organizations. There are more than 28 million Scouts, youth and adults, boys and girls in 216 countries and territories. Who knows, the movement is still expanding itself to the changes in the world.
The 1st Eden bridge troop of Baden Powell Boy Scouts was run by Mr. C. F Bowen, the first Scout master in February 1908.