Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oscar Hero

There are no words to appreciate the musical legendary A.R.Rahman. He takes Tamil language to world stage. The word he said in Tamil in the Oscar function was YELLA PUGHAZHUM IRAIVANUKKE (All praise to God). If I try to glorify about A.R, then I have to create a new blog even though it won’t be sufficient. So in this post I posted some information about him and also posted some rare pictures. This post is dedicated to Oscar winner A.R.Rahman.

Oscar Awards

Award from Abdul Kalam(X-President of India)

A.R with Koffi Anna

Lord of Rings composer group

Wedding day picture of A.R. with his wife Saira Banu

He doesn’t speak too much but his music speaks. There are many types of music like pop, jazz, karnatic, metal, opera, swing, bhangra, classical, techno etc. Each type of music was special to some set of people. But A.R’s aim is to create a universal music. All set of people must love the music. Hats off to A.R.Rahman.
His old band

Childhood pictures

A.R.Rahman's Family

Childhood pictures


  1. he is really great...
    no wonder he won 2 oscars...
    and after reading this post...
    undoubtedly i can say he deserve them...
    love slumdog millionaire...
    been listening to jai ho, the one with pussycatdolls on it...

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  3. hi thanks for added me in your list,,,yeah i was impressed to AR rahmaan and to the movie slumdog millionaire,,,'wow first indi movie got a best picture and orginal music at oscar award,,that is so fantastic..I watched the movie and its kinda really related to slum area here in the philippines

  4. Ya you are right. He is a Musical legend from India.

  5. congratulations India! for winning Oscar Award

  6. added you in my blogroll. thanks for adding me first

  7. That was great information. I didn't know that Rahman is so famous in his own rights. I haven't finished watching Slumdog Millionaire but it's an interesting movie.

    Thanks for dropping at my blog and leaving a message. Yes, I'll add you on my blog roll and thanks for adding me in yours. =)

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