Saturday, February 14, 2009

Master Of James Bond

This picture is taken around 1899, later to assume the false identity of Sidney Reilly

As we all know the best movie series in Hollywood is James Bond. But most of us do not know the one who was the real cause for the creation of James Bond character. James bond character was created in the year 1953 by Ian Fleming. This character was admired by the real James bond, Sidney George Reilly.

Sidney Reilly at an experienced age

Georgi Rosenblum (Reilly) was born in Odessa, on 24th March 1874. In his young age, he was for carrying messages for a group called Friends of Enlightenment. In Brazil he adopted the name Pedro. He saved the life of his group when angry natives attacked them, so British agent major Fothergill awarded him £1500 and arranged him a passport and a trip to Britain where he adopted the name Sidney Rosenblum. An intelligent man who could speak seven languages, Rosenblum was recruited by MI6 and given the name Sidney Reilly. Reilly was sent to Moscow in 1918, by his own account to assassinate Lenin or attempt to overthrow the Bolsheviks. But Lenin escaped from the attempt and so Reilly returned to England.

Picture taken after the death of Reilly to put full stop about his rumors

In 1925, he was sent to spy on the communist government in Russia. OGPU agents arrested Reilly when he crossed the border and locked up in Lubyanka Prison. After numerous interrogations they got only little information from him. Stalin ordered his execution. OGPU agents drove with Reilly in the direction of Bogorodsk. He was shot in a forest near Moscow on November 5, 1925. There were some rumors aroused about his death and then it comes to an end later. Year after his death, Reilly, often referred to as the "Ace of Spies". In many ways, he continues to live on in literature, films and in the imagination. And he was the central inspiration for James Bond character.


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