Saturday, October 24, 2009


The problem of poverty has been one major concern of economists and government over time. This has been an acute problem ever since the time man started settled life. Modern governments took numerous methods to fight this problem effectively. Poverty leaves families in low standard of living. Even the requirement of daily bread cannot be met. In such situation life becomes miserable. Poverty drives individuals and families to committing suicide. Poor and inadequate food, diseases, poor and unhygienic living conditions etc, is associated with poverty. The government and other organizations have formulated and launched various projects to create jobbing opportunities, thereby to fight poverty. At the mean time population also keeps increasing. The size of family must be maintained small. Then only the little resources available could be used beneficially by the members of the family. Awareness programs, spread of education, job creating measures, vocational training etc, can alleviate the problem of poverty.