Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tasty Candies

I have a desire to buy an extra ordinary home to live. I had this thought in my mind for more than eight years. So I started saving money from a long time before. My wish is not just to build a home but it should be built with amazing interior design. I am sure that the budget will be too expensive to build a home according to my desire. When I buy my dream home I will surely celebrate that achievement with everyone. How can you share your happiness with your people? Am I going to share my home? No. I can just make them happy by giving them treat. Most of the people arrange food party and drinks party on a special day. But first I will distribute bulk candy to all my friends and relatives to show my happiness since my wish started in childhood days. Candies remind your childhood days and the taste of candies leads you to taste your memories also. Candy bars can be distributed according to the functions you celebrate like wedding candy , halloween candy and so on. My favorite candy is Almond Joy which brings us the feel of drinking milk. Always remember to share your happiness with others.

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