Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wonderful Niagara

If it is possible to borrow others eyes, then I will borrow thousands of eyes to admire the beauty of Niagara waterfalls. Niagara Falls is located in the Canadian-United States International Border and it is the second largest falls in the world next to Victoria Falls in southern Africa. This splendid place is visited by more than 12 million tourists each year. Niagara Falls is divided into Horseshoe Falls and the American Falls. The history of Niagara Falls is not clear, but in one theory it is said that the falls at Niagara are 12,000 years old. The river flows as a falls at 56.3 km/hour. If you are a newly married couple, then the best honeymoon spot for you is Canada or America where Niagara is situated. Niagara Falls Ontario Canada is called as the Honeymoon Capital of the world.

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