Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Human being should stay healthy for long life. Vitamins, minerals, proteins are the sources for man to live healthily. Green Path is providing the best medical solutions to the people. Their powerful medicine is chlorella which has many medical advantages in it. Chlorella is single-celled algae that grow in fresh water. It is the purest medicine which is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins. It increases the working of immune system and also removes heavy metals from your body. Chlorella improves your digestive system. It is the best enemy for cancer. Chlorella also controls the blood sugar range in your body. So buy chlorella and get the benefits of it.

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  1. Chlorella is a whole food, so illuminating the maxim 'let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food'. Chlorella is also an effective aid to weight loss and control and a good addition to any vegan or vegetarian diet with it's rare plant sources of B12.