Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dalai Lama's Escape

War between two countries takes place due to the problem or fight between them. But in the year of 1959, Tibet fights against china to let Dalai Lama to escape from Tibet. Dalai Lama's residence was completely surrounded by armed Chinese people and he was completely secured by the Chinese army. Tibet planned to escape Dalai Lama from Tibet, so Tibet army started firing against Chinese army. He cannot escape unless and until the Chinese troop move away from that place. Dalai Lama dressed like a Tibetan layman, and slung a rifle over his shoulder. On 17th march, he escaped to India along with 20 men including six cabinet ministers. Two days later, the Chinese discovered he had escaped. Dalai Lama had crossed 500-yard wide Brahmaputra River and he tolerated the ultimate cold climate of Himalayas. Many thought he had been killed by china troop when was escaping. At last he reached India on March 31st.


  1. A way used by Dalai lama to escaped.

  2. Otherwise he would be seized to China. Its a team effort.