Monday, July 13, 2009

Director's Achievement

Ears and mouth are the wonderful organs which are gifted to us by God. But god created some people as deaf or dumb. When a person has both the problems then it is very difficult for them to survive in this society. A person who is both deaf and dumb can act in a movie. They may act in handicapped character in the movie. But a deaf and dumb girl acted as a heroine in a movie. She acted like a normal girl and no one can believe that she is a deaf and dumb. Her name is Abinaya acted in the movie Nadodigal. It is a Tamil movie which clearly explains how to be a good friend. Film is completely based on friendship. Different angles of friendship are shown in this film. Director have achieved by fitting a deaf and dumb girl into a normal girl. Give a huge applause to that girl who acted in that film and to the film director.

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