Thursday, July 23, 2009

Employment Law

Law is the set of rules that is applied to all the people in the institution. Law is common to everyone in the society. Laws are used in many places and especially in government organizations the laws are strictly followed by the officers. If anyone goes against the law then it leads to big problem. Laws and orders are created before 2000 years. Laws can be changed according to the world’s situation. Rules are applied in organizations as well and the laws are depending on the organizations position in the economic field. The laws must be associated with the human rights. The Employment Law is created in each organization which is enclosed of body of laws and administrative rulings. It also states the legal rights on the people working in the organization. The main features of employment law are Contract of employment, Minimum wage, Working time, Health and safety, Anti-discrimination and Unfair dismissal. These laws are mainly based on the employer rights.

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