Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sivaji- The crown of cinema industry

Sivaji as VOC

The best entertainment in this world is cinema and most of the love to watch movies. The people who act in the movie made a great effort and some of them spent their life for cinema world. There are many people who died with a dream of acting in cinema but that was not fulfilled. Therefore, lots of tragedy and dignities are rewarded in this cinema industry. However, there was an actor who succeeded in this cinema industry until the last breathe in his life. He is none other than Sivaji Ganesan.
Sivaji and MGR

Different Characters of Sivaji

Sivaji Ganesan’s acting makes a new trend in the Tamil cinema industry. He acted more than 200 films, and he acted like all the type of varieties in his acting. Everyone liked his sense of humor and his good hearted mentality. He is the crown to the Indian film industry.

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