Thursday, May 21, 2009

Unique Watches

We cannot go back to the past world or even we cant go back for a single second. That is why we compare time as gold. So these precious times should not be wasted and to know the value of time, clock is invented. In olden days the time was measured by sand clock, water clock, sundials etc. There are different types of clocks and some of them are Grandfather Clocks, Grandmother Clocks, Mantel Clocks, Wall Clocks, Atomic Clocks etc. The grandfather clocks are the special and valuable clock for us in these days. Grandfather clocks are the clocks which are used before 19th century but the clocks are still working due to its first class quality. My favorite clock Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks because of its unique style and remarkable art in it.

When we about speak about clocks the first thing to strike our mind is Big Ben. This is one of the old clocks which celebrated its 150th birthday recently. The wall clocks are also the special types of clocks and they are fixed in a wall. We can see wall clocks in every home and we fix the clock in our favorite place. Clocks are also used for the purpose of home interior design because it decorates our home beautifully.

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