Thursday, May 28, 2009

Royal Game

We have to do some activities, we like when we are in great tension or stress. Playing games would be more suitable to reduce our tension, because a game sets our mind free and it gives a better feeling. There many famous games to play but only some are very interesting to take part in. According to my opinion I would prefer indoor games rather than choosing outdoor games. My favorite game is Billiards because more than relaxing it gives a pleasure feeling when we play it. More over Billiards is a royal game. Actually in history of billiards, it was played outdoors in 1340’s and later in 1460’s this was played in indoors by Louis King XI. This was the favorable game for business men and this game was attracted by all ages.

Billiard consists of the equipments like billiard board, billiard balls, racks, pool cue, chalk, and a fine cloth which is required to cover the table. All these billiard equipments are available in Pooldawg which supplies the branded products. Especially they have pool cues in all brands at very low cost. Pool Cue Accessories, Extra Pool Cue Shafts, Pool Table Accessories, Pool and Billiard Balls are also included in the list. They have given the clear instructions about billiards and the different types of games in billiards.

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