Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Aghoris - The Shocking Human Beings

Aghori doing Yoga

It is hard to believe about the history of cannibals. The cannibals are not only in the history pages, but they are presently living in this world. It might be very shocking to hear. However it is true.
Drinking Water using Human Skull

The Sanskrit term Aghori is the combination among two words and has various meanings: A is a negation; Ghora is the obscurity of the ignorance. According to Hindus the Aghori ascetic considers himself to be a symbol of the Lord Shiva. The origin of Aghoris starts from Kina Ram who lived 150 years ago. The Aghoris believe that they can avoid the rebirth of a human being. How do they stop it? They eat the half-buried rotten flesh of dead bodies. This is what the Aghoris do to avoid the rebirth. They do it for the one who requests to avoid the rebirth.

Old and Rare picture of Aghoris

The activities of Aghoris differ from a normal human being. Many of the Aghoris roam around naked, representing the true humans and their detachment from this world. Many Aghoris have extremely long hair. They drink liqueurs, smoke ganja and eat meat. They do Yoga’s. They use a human skull as a bowl. No one can control them. Most of them are living in the northern India.


  1. Are they really humans??? Am totally scared.... but u r doing a good job of posting about these people.... very odd blog and nice.....

  2. @Abraham

    They are humans and if you want know why they do so,

    1. Being naked : dressing is a sign of self love, if at all you want to dress itsd enough to cover ur vital parts, why cover ur body with so many clothings?

    2. Ganja and other liquors: Actually these keep them in the semi conscious state which helps them to meditate better, note they are not sadhus to meditate deep and hours together, They are actually the Kotwals of kahi. and they are not addict to that. (If addi9cted to them you cannot do yoga, or put it like this if you do yoga you cannot be an addict to any false pratcises)

    3. And finally cannibalism : they dont hunt down humans they only eat the meat of burning man in the cemetry. And not eveyones. If and only if teh person deserves to get moksha, they shall take his/her flesh.

  3. Aghoris are son of lord shiva. They are also called as god. They are like some different from human beings. In Hindu culture Aghoris are treated as a son of god.

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  5. aghoris r real saints...sons of shiva....they r not cannibals...thy r supreme

    at least they r bette than those who kill humans in the name of war