Sunday, April 26, 2009

India and Pakistan

Train from India to Pakistan in 1947

India and Pakistan are like a fire and water. Their conflicts are going beyond the limit. Recently, terrorists from Pakistan killed more than one-seventy people innocent people on 26th November 2008 in Mumbai and still the case is going on. Like that many problems are arising between India and Pakistan.
Gandhiji with Mohamed Ali Jinnah

The conflicts between India and Pakistan arouse before 1950 and it has a long history. Before 1947 there was no Pakistan. Mohamed Ali Jinnah was the root cause for separating Pakistan from India. He was the one who adopted Two Nation Theory and demanded independent country for Muslims which is later called Pakistan. But until 1947 they were all united to fight against British and finally they got independence from British and Independence Day for Pakistan was on 14th august 1947. If Pakistan was not separated from India, the conflicts might not be started and the life of 179 people in Mumbai can be saved.

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