Thursday, April 30, 2009

Device To Save a Life

The following is a paid review. Taking care of old people and children is a very difficult job. I refer old people are similar to children because when they reach a certain age they loss their memories. So if we have granny in our home, we should take a special care on them. Think what happens if they fall down when we are not in home? They may not be able to get up immediately and so anything can be happened. BrickHouse Alert provides a great service to wipe away all our worries.

BrickHouse Alert is a 24/7 service provider and it gives you complete protection. Medical Alert provided by them is completely free. They introduced a device called Fall Alert detector which takes care of granny when we are not in home. The device should be taken with the person wherever they go and the device has an emergency button in it. If the granny falls down accidentally, the fall detector automatically senses the fall and calls the 24 Hour Monitoring Center. It connects the call to the emergency provider and they dispatches help immediately. This is the only Medical Alert Provider to offer Fall Detection. Another useful product of BrickHouse Alert is GPS Tracking Bracelet with 2-way speakerphone. When the button present in bracelet is pressed, it connects to the central monitoring system. So use these wonderful services provided by the BrickHouse Alert to be safe.

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