Friday, April 17, 2009

Coincidence of Titanic And Titan

The Great Titanic

Grand Staircase of Titanic

No one can ever forget the tragedy of RMS (Royal Mail Steamer) Titanic ship which happened on 1912. The massive Titanic ship was built by 2000 men, and it costs $7.5 million dollars to build RMS Titanic. It was biggest and expensive ship built in 19th century. The ship seems to be like a huge fort with fine workings. It traveled with very luxurious items in 10th April, 1912. Many people had a dream to travel in Titanic ship once in their lifetime when it was started.

Drawing of the sinking of Titan ship

In 1898, the novel named Futility was released, and it was written by Morgan Robertson. Futility or the Wreck of the Titan was written about the great ship Titan. The novel stated that the ship was hit by an iceberg in the cold night of April 10 and the Titan ship was called as unsinkable ship in the novel. Similar to this novel, Titanic hit by an iceberg on April night, and it was also named as unsinkable ship. There are many similarities between the Titanic ship and Titan ship.


  1. JP Morgan related to Morgan Robertson? You know the bankers built this ship so it would sink so they can steal the wealth of the men that died on it.

  2. The picture of Titanic oon the top side has 3 funnels. Titanic has four.

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