Thursday, April 30, 2009

Precious Mother

You cannot read this article without your mother. Our mother introduces us to this world. Only she knows what is good and what is bad for us. I think none of the great poets and scholars has found the words to praise mother. May be they already knows that only the words are not enough to eulogize mother. When I was 10 year old, I went to theme park with my family. I was enjoying the day like anything. I and my sister went for all the rides. I met an accident when I was playing in the swimming pool. I slipped from the jumping board accidentally and got injured heavily. My mom shuddered and cried seeing me at that moment. The tear from her eyes shows the love she had with me. That second was still in my eyes. Till now I never make her cry again for any reason.
The greatest day in this world is Mother’s day. I would like to celebrate this Mother’s day specially. I am going to surprise my mom by sending beautiful flowers for mothers day from 1800flowers. She is there in every moment of our life and our mom is greater than all. I dedicate all the victories in my life to my precious mom.

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