Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Finished My Project

Finally I finished my project review yesterday. It started today afternoon. My friends were explaining their projects to the examiner and the questions were coming from the examiner aggressively. They managed to answer all the questions and finished with the terrific end. Next comes my turn. I and my batch mate were shivering like anything and we do not know how to explain our project from scratch. But when I stand in front of the examiner, all my shivering went off. We said our project title “Intelligence in Information Retrieval”, immediately he questioned why we search for a file because we already know where the file is located. After a second of silence we answered him that since there is lot of files in a database, searching for a single file is complicated and so we go for search method. He smiled and then we proceeded further. He did not ask us many questions because we explained our project clearly. Everything ended successfully and my project examiner appreciated us for choosing this project. For this project my project guide helped us, so we thank him a lot.

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