Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Access Your Computer From Anywhere

Business man is otherwise called as busy man because their work time overwhelms their rest time. A business man has to travel to several places everyday and it is impossible for them to work in a single place. They have personal desktop computers in their home in which they might have stored all the information about the business. It is unfeasible to carry his desktop to all the places wherever he goes. But if he installs the remote desktop software in his computer, then he can access his desktop computer from anywhere in the world. The computers are connected through net and we can access the computer as we use in home with any keyboard and mouse.

Remote desktop contains various useful applications in it. It is very easy and quick to connect the remote computer and admin computer. The interface designed for remote computer is more user-friendly so that anyone can operate it without much difficulty. Remote desktop computer has strong security and encryption features. You can transfer the files from the desktop computer to your remote computer through internet or local area network. The major remote desktop software’s are PROXY Pro 6 Workstation Edition and PROXY Pro 6 Gateway Edition. Both the software has the unique specialties in it.


  1. is it different from windows remote desktop?

  2. Yeah... Remote desktop is really useful. I use it almost everyday in my work. ^_^

  3. They are similar except some features.