Sunday, June 14, 2009


First-aid is help or treatment given to a person with bodily injuries or one who has fainted, before he can have the services of a doctor. First aid can stop bleeding and prevent loss of blood. It can restore breathing. It may prevent the affected person from injuring himself further. First-aid is taught to scouts and guides in schools. Certain kinds of public servants are expected to know it. This is not enough. All the children in school must be given lessons in first aid. An attempt must be made to give lessons in first-aid to as many adults, men and women, as possible. A first-aid worker should have courage and presence of mind. He should not weaken at the sight of blood, or a body lying motionless. He should show self-confidence. First-aid given before it is too late may save a life. First-aid will greatly relieve the affected person.

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