Saturday, June 13, 2009


An urge to travel is an inborn instinct in human beings. People like to see the wide world with its variety of language, habits, cultures, climates and an ever changing landscape. To the intellectual type the art, culture, traditions and festivals and architecture are an added attraction. Tourism has a tremendous impact on the economy of any country. The invisible gains in the balance sheet of the country’s economy are by no means insignificant. The country’s tourist potential consists mainly of what is already a part and parcel of the land. The country does not part with any of these real assets but the impressions which the tourists take back from a country are weightier than gold in terms of goodwill and friendship. A vital role that tourism can play is to act as an instrument of closer international relations. Tourism can also help to promote business. India has been blessed with a large potential for attracting the international tourists.

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