Monday, June 22, 2009


Cam corder
A camcorder is a portable video camera and a video tape recorder combined in a single piece of equipment. It is designed to record full-color moving pictures and sound on magnetic tape. The image entering the lens is seen by looking through the viewfinder. It has eleven special parts: head drum, 2.auido head, 3.vidicon tube, 4.infrared beam for focus, 5.microphone, 6.take-up reel, reel, 8.viewfinder, tape, 10.power zoom controls, 11.lens group
Once the image has been converted to an electrical form, it can be fed to the recorder part of the camcorder. At the same time sound picked up by a microphone is also sent to the recorder. There are two signals are stored in the magnetic tape in the same way as music is recorded in a cassette tape. The recording can be played back any time using camcorder or another video recorder. To see and hear the recording, the camcorder or recorder is connected to an ordinary television set by a designed wire.

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