Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Medical Alarm

Hi everybody. This kind of situation may happen in everybody’s life. In this fast running life we do not have enough time to care our parents and grandparents. It does not mean that we do not owe them. We owe them a lot in our heart. We do like to care them but our job is making us so busy that we cannot care them practically. Although busy in job we always think of our parents in our office too. If our parents are above 60 we always fear for them. The fear is “Who will help our parents if they slip down in home? Who will help our parents if they were fainted and fell down?” First of all how we will know that our parents are in danger or they need emergency?
We all will have that fear inside us. So I was searching for some kind of instrument which will indicate me when they fell down or any such situation occurs. Then I found this Medical Alarm . You will not believe friends, this medical alarm is not only indicating our parents are in danger, they have a 24/7 helpline through which we can avail ambulance service no irrespective of our place in this world.
Medical Alarm works through GPS i.e. it finds our location through GPS. So all we need to do is ‘press the button in this’ which will find our location through GPS and we will be provided with help. It is like God’s gift for us to show how much we care our parents and grandparents. All we need to do is 1) wear this device to our parents and grandparents and 2) teach them to press the button in case of emergency. We are relieved out of tension now. We can concentrate on our work if we have this device with our beloved parents. I can give you assurance that Medical Alarm will save our parents life and show them how much we care them.

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