Saturday, June 6, 2009

Web Monitoring Services

There are many businesses running only through the internet like the sites based on online activities and for other businesses also they need internet connections. How do we know when the website remains engaged for some specific amount of time? If it remains inactive for sometime then surely the downtime shows the impact on their business activities because they may lose customers, visitors, gain bad name etc. Those who need to run their business effectively, visit which provides web site monitoring service. This service tracks the downtime of your website. If your site is down, then it immediately informs you through SMS, SMS by e-mail, email or phone call notification. Then it is your responsibility to rectify the downtime.
BinaryCanary is providing a good web monitoring service all over the world. You can register multiple websites in a server to be monitored. It is your choice to choose which pages should be monitored specifically like homepage or linked page. They also monitor email services by checking how efficiently it is performing. The other monitoring services are FTP server monitoring, Domain Name Expiry, DNS Entries, Database Monitoring, Custom Device. Both free monitoring service and paid services are available in BinaryCanary according to the performance.

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  1. I will suggest also to check out if you need combination of these 3 price/quality/support